Nurturing Life through the wisdom of Feng Shui

Nurturing Life through the wisdom of Feng Shui

There is a time to sow and a time to reap. There is also a time to let the soil rest, it’s called cover cropping. It’s when a Winter crop is planted with the intention to till back into the soil to increase the nutrients available to the seeds sown in Spring.  

When we consider this in our own lives we want to use the Winter months to rest our bodies and replenish our energy. So in terms of Feng Shui it’s time to ensure our homes are nurturing us, soul, mind and body. 

The bedroom is said to be the second most important room in the home. (The first is the entryway which we covered last month.)

Let’s first consider sleep. How comfortable is your bed? If it’s not comfortable it’s time for a new bed. How’s the pillow, is it supportive or long past it’s use by date. Most sources suggest 2 to 5 years is the maximum lifespan of a pillow depending on composition and how well it’s been cared for. Find the pillow that’s right for you, personally I’m a latex or goose down girl. If it’s lumpy, yellowed or uncomfortable it should be replaced immediately. After the mattress the pillow is the item you should make the biggest investment in. Your health and longevity is worth it. 

Next item is sheets. Once again you want to sleep between fabric that feels good against your skin. I’ve invested in a fitted wonder sheet which has a satin panel to aid movement when rolling over and getting into and out of bed which has the added advantage of minimising partner disturbance. Look for natural fibres like bamboo and cotton and avoid microfibre which is a synthetic product and doesn’t breathe. 

As for colour, look for skin tones from off white to deep chocolate browns. If you are looking to get pregnant, try primrose yellow. Both fire engine red and hot pink are good for ramping up bedroom activity. Avoid burgundy unless you’re after a domineering, chauvinistic partner.  If it’s romance you’re after consider soft pink. Remember we want the bedroom to be conducive to sleeping so mix it up. My personal preference is light cream colours.

Avoid blues and greens in all bedrooms, especially children’s. Black satin is the realm of the unattached looking for a steady stream of partners through the bed. And while we are on the subject, mirrors face up under the bed have a tendency to keep the occupants awake.

So do you feel warm and cosy in your bedroom? Does it welcome you in or do you avoid the bedroom? The easiest way to improve the energy of the bedroom is with bed coverings so it’s important to choose ones you love! The most suitable colours are creams, yellows, light to mid-range Browns (up to Milk Chocolate), whites, light greys and all shades of red, pink and orange. Use this same colour pallet for window treatments and floor coverings.

Next somewhere in your home do you have a place to relax, to just be yourself, by yourself. Is your chair/couch, the place you take time out, really comfortable and snuggly? By now you know if it’s not, toss it out and replace with something that is.

Then there’s the kitchen, what’s in your fridge, your pantry, how well does your stove work. Do you use the oven and does it send lovely heat and enticing smells all through the house?  

Your fridge and pantry should be stocked with foods that nourish your body. If it’s not good for you, don’t buy it.

Winter is an introspective time. Avoid rushing about and socialising. I know that’s hard because we are enjoying the freedom after being locked up for a couple of months. But do this now and your future self will thank you for it when you are refreshed and can really enjoy the months of Spring and Summer, rather than wishing they were over and you could crawl back into your cave. 

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