Tracey Winter

Tracey Winter

Director of Ultra Health Therapies / Gold Coast Oriental Medicine Practitioner
BHScAcu, Toyohari Pract., Dip. Rem. Therapies  

After graduating from Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2004 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science Acupuncture, I continued my education studying Japanese Meridian Acupuncture. I use both modalities within my practice.   

Kiiko Matsumoto, Tsuyoshi Shimamura along with the teachers of Manaka Polarity Therapy and Toyohari Style acupuncture has had a great influence on my Acupuncture style and are what I love to practice today.

As a teenager, I experienced excruciating menstrual pain. I often missed school and in later years, workdays. The options available to me were limited and I found the side effects of prescribed medicine complicated my symptoms. I finally discovered Acupuncture and found relief using East Asian Style Acupuncture and thus my passion for natural therapies began.

I first started Ultra Health Therapies in 2005 and consider myself fortunate to now work alongside the expert practitioners we have available at our clinic. I feel truly blessed to have supported so many wonderful people along the way, expanding the Ultra Health Therapies community.

The combined knowledge, clinical expertise, and genuine passion for sharing natural health information that exists within our community are truly inspirational. I thank each of the practitioners for their knowledge, wisdom, care, and support.

I enjoy empowering my clients with the knowledge and self-awareness they need to balance Yin and Yang and achieve amazing health.

I look forward to introducing you to your body from the Chinese Medicine perspective and supporting you on your journey to optimum health, naturally.