What is Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain is a pain experienced beyond your body’s normal three month healing time. Simply put, chronic pain is an ongoing persistent feeling of pain. Chronic pain can be both extremely intense and exhausting, affecting your sleep, daily activities, relationships, and negatively affect your overall quality of life.

If you experience chronic pain, know that you are not alone. According to the Australian Pain Management Association, one in five Australians live with persistent pain[1].

Chronic pain occurs when the nerves in your body continuously fire off pain messages to the brain. It may be difficult to clarify the cause of the pain you are experiencing, due to multiple factors attributing to your symptoms.

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Treating Chronic Pain at Ultra Health Therapies

At Ultra Health Therapies, we take a nurturing body, mind, and spirit approach. We believe in the philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine in that to heal, the whole person needs treatment, using techniques encouraging the body to heal itself.

Our practitioners listen to both you and your body, then devise a treatment in line with the body’s request for healing. Our practitioners work together to discover the best course of treatment for your condition and are here to support you with your health goals, assisting you to live a life of amazing health and vitality, to the best of your body’s ability.

At Ultra Health Therapies, we prefer to use a combination of natural therapies to treat Chronic Pain. Therapies available include Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Visceral Manipulation.

Acupuncture for Chronic Pain

Acupuncture may assist to reduce the symptoms of chronic pain or may even alleviate it altogether. Fine needles are inserted through the skin at specific body points along its meridian lines, which creates a flow of healing energy within the body.

Acupuncture aims to interrupt the pain messages that are being sent to the brain. It assists the smoother flow of the body’s vital energy with the aim of returning the body to a healthier and more comfortable state.

Our practitioners are knowledgeable and experienced in treating chronic pain sufferers. They are ready to support you on your journey discovering what acupuncture may be able to do for you, if you and your body is ready to participate. Remember for acupuncture to work for you, you and your body have to be a willing participant in the process.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine for Chronic Pain

Traditional Chinese Medicine looks at pinpointing points of obstruction within the body which create symptomatic chronic pain and works with the intention to bring your body back into balance which assists in reducing or alleviating pain and discomfort.

Cupping is an ancient Chinese Medicine where specially designed cups are applied to the skin creating a suction. The suction aims to promote a healing flow of blood to the area of treatment and may assist in relieving sore and tight muscles such as a stiff neck, tight shoulders, joint pain, and lower back pain.

Gua Sha is another technique where a smooth tool is used to scrape areas of the body with the aim to eliminate tightness, stiffness, and congestion in the tissues underneath the skin. Gua Sha is a generally safe treatment that does not pierce the skin. Gua Sha may help with the management of chronic pain by relaxing tired muscles and relieving neck, back, and shoulder pains and aches.

Our practitioners see it as their role to support their clients managing chronic pain through an array of techniques.

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Visceral Manipulation for Chronic Pain

Visceral Manipulation does not focus solely on the site of your chronic pain, but rather looks at the entire body with a view to get to the root of the problem. Visceral Manipulation relates to the internal organs of the body and uses gentle manual therapy which aids your body’s ability to release restrictions causing pain.

People suffering from chronic pain may have restricted internal organs due to injury and/or a person’s long-term lifestyle. The restriction of organs over time may result in chronic muscle pain and the treatment of the muscle alone, may not provide long-term results.

Our practitioner, Andrew Ross is incredibly passionate about Visceral Manipulation. His goal for all of his clients is to help them to achieve and hold onto a better standard of health. Education and empowerment are important factors of his treatments, which treats the body, mind, and spirit holistically.

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Chronic Pain Visceral Manipulation

Reiki for Chronic Pain

Reiki, a Japanese energy therapy, is often used as a complimentary medicine treatment for pain. The practice of Reiki promotes relaxation and may assist to reduce chronic pain.

Reiki supports the body’s natural healing abilities and this, in turn, may assist in reducing pain and encouraging wellness. Once the body is released from chronic pain, its energy levels normalise and it results in the quality of life being enhanced.

Our Reiki Practitioner, Cassy, is knowledgeable and experienced in Reiki treatments, which includes the treatment of chronic pain as a supplementary treatment to other remedies available to clients.

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