What is Stress?

To live in stress means to live in constant survival mode. It has been shown that chronic stress may harm physical health putting you at risk of heart disease, hypertension, stroke, digestive problems, immune system malfunctions, fertility, and sexual dysfunction. Blood is deviated from the digestive system to the extremities to prepare for the “fight or flight” reaction. The stomach increases acid production causing indigestion, spasms in the oesophagus, nausea, diarrhoea, or constipation. The blood thickens to aid coagulation in case of predator attack. Fat is stored in the abdomen and sleeping problems often start to emerge. The hormones of stress increase the acidic load, and ignite the inflammatory response throughout the body. The increased acidic load and inflammation has been shown to potentially cause cancer cell proliferation.

Stress may also put your mental health in jeopardy, which could put you at risk of depression, anxiety, panic attacks, or personality and mood disorders. Uncontrolled stress affects the brain and causes cognitive problems that may begin with muddled thinking and memory loss, and could end in dementia and Alzheimer’s. Chronic exposure to stress hormones (adrenaline, nor-adrenaline, and cortisol) can shrink the hippocampus, a brain structure involved with forming memories. Under chronic stress, the body and brain are knocked out of homeostasis, leaving the individual feeling out of control and unbalanced, which may also result in premature ageing.

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Treating Stress at Ultra Health Therapies

At Ultra Health Therapies, we take a body, mind, and spirit approach. We believe in the philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine that to heal, the whole person needs to be treated using techniques that encourage the body to heal itself.

Our practitioners listen first and treat second to ensure you are receiving the right treatment for your body. Our practitioners work together to discover the best course of treatment for your condition and are here to support you with your health goals, assisting you to live a life of amazing health and vitality.

At Ultra Health Therapies, we prefer to use a combination of natural therapies to treat Stress. Therapies available include Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Visceral Manipulation.

Acupuncture for Stress

Acupuncture affects the body on multiple levels. It aims to stimulate the central nervous system (CNS) and balance Yin (Parasympathetic Nervous System) and Yang (Sympathetic Nervous System). It may restore balance to the energy systems of the body by stimulating specific acupressure points on the body. Blood circulation may also be improved which translates to better oxygenation throughout the tissues of the body and the removal of accumulated toxins. Acupuncture can assist the muscles to relax, which may result in feelings of well-being and reduce stress.

Our Gold Coast acupuncture practitioners, Tracey Winter and Maria Catarina are knowledgeable and experienced with treating people suffering from chronic pain and are ready to support you on your journey to achieving results to allow you to live your optimum life.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine for Stress

Traditional Chinese Medicine sees stress as stagnant Qi that cannot flow freely through the body, and causes excess internal heat together with poor blood circulation.

Cupping is a type of Chinese Medicine where specially designed cups are applied to the skin which act through suction. The action of the suction aims to promote a healing reaction in the body and may assist in relieving sore and tight muscles including, stiff neck, shoulders, joint pain, and lower back pain.

Gua Sha is a relaxing technique with proposed anti-inflammatory and immunological benefits. A smooth tool is used to scrape areas of the body to eliminate tightness, stiffness, and congestion in the tissues underneath the skin. Gua Sha treatment does not pierce the skin. Gua Sha may help with the management of stress by relaxing tired muscles and relieving neck, back, and shoulder pain.

Our practitioner, Maria Catarina sees it as her role to support her clients to manage chronic pain through an array of techniques.

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Visceral Manipulation for Stress

Visceral Manipulation is a technique used to assess and treat tension in the body. The focus of the therapy is on the fascial mobilisation of the inner organs (viscera) and their relation to the rest of the body. This gentle manual therapy aids the body’s ability to release stress and tension.

The viscera are connected and suspended by peritoneal ligaments within the abdominal cavity. The viscera and their connecting ligaments may store tension from stress, trauma (physical and emotional), inadequate or excessive movement, or chemical imbalances. Chronic stress may result in diminished blood flow to the internal organs, restricting their proper function. This stress may be eased and released by visceral manipulation.

Our Gold Coast Visceral Manipulation practitioner, Andrew Ross is incredibly passionate about Visceral Manipulation. Andrew’s goal for all his clients is to help them achieve and hold onto a better standard of health. Education and empowerment are important factors of his treatments which treats the body, mind, and spirit holistically.

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Reiki for Stress

Reiki, as an additional form of healing therapy to conventional treatments, may improve digestive issues and enhance the client’s quality of life. Reiki promotes a calming effect, which in turn may promote a deeper sense of inner peace, thereby bringing the body back to a healthy energy level.

With the focus on healing the body’s imbalance, often the root of a digestive issue, Reiki may assist in correcting imbalances in the body and improve digestive ailments.

Reiki works well as an additional healing therapy if you suffer from digestive issues. Our Reiki Practitioner, Cassy is here to assist you.

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