How to increase the Chi in your home and welcome in fresh opportunity….

How to increase the Chi in your home and welcome in fresh opportunity….

Welcome to winter 2020, the world’s a little topsy turvy at the moment and hopefully you’ve taken advantage of the self isolation and interruption to life as we knew it, to clean out any piles of paperwork, corners of junk, cupboards of bric-a-brac and sheds of rubbish you might have had. 

In order to welcome in fresh new energy, first we have to get rid of the old stale, stagnant energy that’s past it’s ‘use by’ date. If you need help to do this, ask for a copy of ‘Seven Essential Questions’ which is a seven point checklist for you to ask yourself about items you are keeping that may no longer be serving you in a positive way.

Once the clutter is gone and you’ve cleaned and tidied then it’s time to begin putting out the welcome mat for new opportunities. This is literal! I’d start with replacing your old door mat with a shiny new one that makes you light up with joy every time you see it. Make a point of entering and leaving via the front door at least once/day. 

Next have a look at the number on your letterbox, is it bold and clearly identifies your home, or is it small, insignificant and in need of a makeover? You want your home to stand out, be noticed in all the right ways so opportunities knock at your door rather than sailing past you onto greener pastures. 

In Feng Shui we consider the entrance the most important room in the home. So how is yours’ shaping up? Could it be time for a makeover? If you have one item you love, vase, piece of artwork, ornament or sculpture you love and it fits without making it difficult to navigate in and out the door, consider placing it in your entry. 

Are there cobwebs and dust bunnies or it is inviting? How’s the doorbell? Do you have one and if so, do you like the sound it makes or do you cringe when someone rings it? Perhaps  it’s time to find a replacement. 

We say in Feng Shui, among many other quotes, “Jade at the front and Jade at the back then you’ll never want for anything”. Consider placing pots of Jade at both the front and rear doors. (See photo.)

Next I’m going to propose you host a Dinner Party, or an afternoon gathering or Bruch or Breakfast if that’s more your style. Get some people round and using your front door. Nothing stirs up good energy like having people over, especially given many of us have been in self-isolation locked up for the past couple of months. 

This will help in several ways. Firstly you’ll have a deadline to tidy up and clean before your guests arrive, plus you are sending out the energy of inviting and make your home more welcoming which will turn increase the flow of benevolent energy to you. 

If you have questions or specific items you would like covered in these articles let Tracey know and we’ll do our best to accommodate your requests.