How to Choose an Acupuncturist on the Gold Coast

How to Choose an Acupuncturist on the Gold Coast

Acupuncture may be a natural health option if you struggle with a common health issue such as stress, pain, fertility, fatigue, or the like.

No two Acupuncturists are the same. This is largely due to their skill, experience and personal touch.

Choosing an Acupuncturist is a very personal choice and can be likened to that of a woman choosing her hairdresser. So, how do you know if you’ve found the right Acupuncturist for you?

We’ve created a suggested checklist to assist you in your choice of the right Acupuncturist on the Gold Coast for your individual needs.

Research the Acupuncturist’s Credentials

The first step in choosing an Acupuncturist on the Gold Coast is to do background research into your choice of Acupuncturist. Look up the qualifications and experience of the Acupuncturist, as well as the type of acupuncture on offer.

It is important that your choice of Acupuncturist is certified to practice acupuncture on the Gold Coast. A certified Acupuncturist will have either a Bachelor of Health Science majoring in Acupuncture or a Bachelor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Certified Acupuncturists are normally registered with Australia’s leading Acupuncture Practitioner Associations, which is an important criterion to consider.

Look at the Acupuncturist’s experience with certain health issues

To find the right Acupuncturist on the Gold Coast for YOU, first, consider your health issue, then choose an Acupuncturist with experience with that issue. For example, if your reason for seeking acupuncture treatment is a fertility and pregnancy issue, it makes good sense to choose a Gold Coast Acupuncturist who has a special interest in fertility and pregnancy.

After all, we don’t take our beloved pup to our General Practitioner for treatment, now do we? We take them to the Vet. It is therefore imperative that you find a Gold Coast Acupuncturist that has experience with the issue you are suffering from.

Consider the type of acupuncture you’re after

Another tip when choosing an Acupuncturist on the Gold Coast is to consider the type of acupuncture you’re after and match that to your choice of Acupuncturist’s speciality. Similar to a massage, there are many types of acupuncture. To mention but a few examples, there are:

It helps to have an understanding of each type of acupuncture and to know which type you would prefer. To find an Acupuncturist on the Gold Coast specialising in your preferred choice of acupuncture treatment, you should familiarise yourself with the different styles of acupuncture treatments that are available.

Speak to the Acupuncturist Before You Book Your Appointment

When choosing an Acupuncturist on the Gold Coast speak to them first to see if the Acupuncturist you have chosen is a good match for you. Don’t be afraid to ask them lots of questions. If you feel comfortable and at ease, you have found your perfect choice of Acupuncturist.

The last step in choosing an Acupuncturists on the Gold Coast is to listen to your body.

  • You know your body best. See if you feel comfortable with your practitioner.
  • Take note of their treatment rooms’ cleanliness, how well they listen and seek to understand your needs, and whether they seem to be rushing your treatment.
  • Make sure they are taking the time to explain what they are doing and why.
  • A good practitioner will always make you feel comfortable and will strive to educate you about your body and empower you on your health journey.

At Ultra Health Therapies, we practice traditional Chinese acupuncture and Japanese-style acupuncture.

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