Why People Lose Weight But Can’t Keep It Off

Why People Lose Weight But Can’t Keep It Off

Weight loss –  most of us have struggled with our weight at least at one point in our lives. It’s something the majority of Australians battle, and it’s become a major health issue.

According to AIHA’s Overweight and obesity: an interactive insight report, 2 in 3 (67%) adults were overweight or obese in 2017–18—36% were overweight but not obese, and 31% were obese. The need and desire to lose weight has never been higher.

Those of us who lose weight often do so to achieve a particular goal. Your goal may be to fit into your dream wedding dress or tux, to achieve a ‘bikini body’ for summer, to impress family and friends, or even to make ourselves appear ‘more attractive’ in the hope of finding a new partner.

We often work hard to achieve this goal; however, once we reach that podium, we think, “what now, where to next?”

Once we reach our weight loss goal, it’s not easy to sustain the level of self-control required to remain at our ideal weight and much less so to attain ongoing weight loss.

Why you regain weight after reaching your weight loss goal

When you look at the word DIET, what do you see in the first three letters? DIE. While it seems dramatic, words are powerful. When you set that goal to fit into your wedding dress, you almost killed yourself through diet and exercise to achieve that goal.

After your wedding day, your brain and body shut down. Your brain says “no, we aren’t going to DIE anymore“. You want to maintain the weight loss, but your brain and body say “no“. They begin to slip back into their old habits – their comfort zone; the space where they can keep you safe and not feel like you are dying through dieting.

Through the course of your dieting and exercise efforts, you perhaps didn’t break the habits that caused you to become overweight in the first place; you merely put them on hold while you achieve your weight loss goal. Why? Because dieting and exercise alone won’t necessarily help you achieve long-term weight loss.

So how can you break those old habits and not only lose weight but keep it off? 

Why your diet isn’t working – perhaps it’s your beliefs?

Dieting and exercise to lose weight for a goal aren’t always sustainable or achievable in the long run. Yes, they have helped you reach your weight loss goal; but then, it’s on you.

Achieving long-term weight loss may come down to reprogramming your mind; becoming your best self through conscious living. Conscious living is about reprograming your mind – changing your beliefs.

Many people resort to eating due to stress or ‘comfort eating’. Reprogramming your mind may allow you to redirect your stress elsewhere rather than focusing on eating as a coping mechanism.

Through breaking these old belief systems, you may reprogram your mind and begin to use automated intelligence. Automated intelligence is the philosophy of listening to what your body needs. By using automated intelligence, you may start to listen to what your body needs rather than what it needs as a  response to the stress you are under.

Automated intelligence is believed to take over naturally and helps you to no longer have to consider what you are eating. You only want to eat healthily and give your body the nutrients and vitamins it needs when it needs them to function correctly.

Healthy habits start to replace your unhealthy habits. They become second nature as your stress response is no longer to eat or to resist due to your diet. Automated intelligence is to have no desire to be unhealthy anymore – to start listening to what your body needs when it comes to being healthy.

How to reprogram your thoughts

It isn’t easy to reprogram your thoughts, but it is possible. It is a process, and to be successful; you need to:

  • Uncover the barriers in your unconscious mind that are trapped in vicious cycles
  • Look at your emotional triggers and your mind and body’s response to stress and self-sabotage
  • Understand that your weight is an old belief system designed by your mind to keep you safe
  • Understand your deep thoughts and true feelings about yourself
  • Realise you have allowed others to control your life
  • Discover when you handed over your power to others
  • Re-discover your self-love and the strength that lies within you

The key to losing weight and keeping it off for good may be as simple as claiming your power back. Self-love has to come first. By connecting with your true self, you can address your emotional triggers and respond to stressors and reprogram your mind with healthy habits that will help you keep the weight off for good.

If you have been thinking about using conscious living and automated intelligence to assist in your weight loss journey and would like help and support with reprogramming your mind to become your best self, contact our Intuitive Therapy & Life Coach practitioner Caroline Wilson.

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