Western Herbal Medicine is a synergistic approach to healing that assists the body in returning it to its natural state of being. It is a treatment that combines individually prescribed herbal medicines, as well as dietary and lifestyle advice.

What is Western Herbal Medicine?

Western Herbal Medicine involves the use of plants, their individual plant parts, as well as their energetic life force to assist healing the disconnection within the body, which may be the cause of illness. It truly is an art and science that can be tailored to each individual. Through careful discovery and analysis, our Herbalist uses a combination of herbal medicines and a healthy lifestyle to support you on your journey to optimum health.

Western Herbal Medicine involves the medicinal use of plants and their life force. This type of treatment may allow the body to return to homeostasis and could therefore assist in enhancing general health and wellbeing.

Western Herbal Medicine philosophy believes herbs have different affinities and actions impacting on specific organs in the body. Herbs contain individual chemical constituents and energetic qualities that may help balance tissue states.

Western Herbal Medicine at Ultra Health Therapies

Our Herbalist uses, amongst other herbal remedies, Australian Bush Flower essences, which is considered to be a vibrational therapy. The healing energy of bush flowers have been used for millennia, dating as far back as the time of ancient Egypt and Sumeria.

In Australia, Bush Flower Essences are extracted from Australian botanicals, making them uniquely Australian. These essences may assist to alleviate a myriad of imbalances which may manifest on a physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual level. Australian Bush Flower Essences are often prescribed to alleviate the underlying emotional roots of disease and subsequently promote health and wellbeing. Australian Bush Flower Essences are non-toxic and may be used internally or topically.

The Herbalist’s role is to support clients on their journey to wellness, and assist them in healing their spirit, which often is the underlying cause of an illness. More importantly, at Ultra Health Therapies, our Herbalist uses motivational interviewing techniques which educates and empowers clients and put them in charge of their health and wellbeing.

The philosophy of Herbal Medicine is allowing the body to heal itself. Individually tailored Herbal Medicine may assist the body by increasing its vitality. After a thorough dietary and lifestyle analysis, using various techniques which includes blood tests and hair analysis, treatment is devised for each person.

Where Western Herbal Medicine May Be of Help

Menstrual issues
Libido concerns
Recurrent UTI's
Skin conditions
Gut health
Pregnancy and Fertility
Hypo & hyperthyroid
Behavioural concerns
Learning difficulties
Hashimoto's or Graves Disease
Anxiety and/or depression
Dietary deficiencies
Personality disorders
Chronic Stress
Trauma or PTSD
Eating disorders
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FAQ’s about Western Herbal Medicine

  • How long will it take/how many appointments will I need?

    Each person is unique. Working as a team, you together with your Herbalist, commit to change. Together you listen to your body and its needs in the quest for the health and well-being you deserve. How long you have been living with your health issue further impacts on your needs. Our Herbalist helps you prepare the beautiful soil of your body, in which you will be planting your own healthy seed.

    It is not realistic to expect the IBS from which you have suffered for the last 10 years, to be resolved within 2 months and attending only 2 appointments. It is not always possible to measure the severity of your condition, and sometimes we need to take a ‘watch and see’ approach. Healing, specifically when disease is resultant from unhealthy habits, can take months to years to resolve. Long term health comes from releasing unhealthy habits and embracing an ongoing healthy lifestyle.

  • What kind of experience can I expect?

    At Ultra Health Therapies, our Herbalist combines Reiki in her individual treatments. She is here to work with you as a team and assist and motivate the healing within your body and provides individually tailored treatment plans, suitable to your needs. Our Herbalist and Reiki Practitioner, Cassy Snape, is passionate about Reiki, Herbal Medicines, and Australian Bush Flower Essence and their uses to assist the natural healing flow of the body’s energies. These treatments are further combined with Reiki.