Have you ever thought to use hypnotherapy to give up smoking?

Have you ever thought to use hypnotherapy to give up smoking?

Why is Hypnotherapy one of the best performing ways to give up smoking?

Let me explain why…
As a human being we have three very different and distinct minds and these minds do not communicate very well with each other.

We have the conscious mind

We have the subconscious mind

We have the unconscious mind

We do not have to worry about the unconscious mind in this scenario, as it takes care of things we don’t have conscious control over, like the immune system and automatic bodily functions.

So let us discover the role of the conscious mind. Firstly, this is where you spend a majority of your time in daily activities.  Scheduling life, organising tasks, meeting goals and expectations.

Our conscious mind has four primary roles or jobs. What are they?
1. Analysis

2. Rationalisation

3. Working or temporary memory

4. and Will power

Let me tell you a little bit about will power as it is probably poorly understood as to its purpose.  Will power was not meant for any type of habit change, will power is like adrenaline to the body, it is a used to get us out of a dangerous situation.

Now we have the subconscious mind.

Our subconscious mind is our inner mind, or our inner computer.  It’s extremely powerful and can make you into anything you want to be.  Our subconscious is just like an electronic computer and operates in a similar manner.  For example, if we take an electronic computer and decide to delete the old software and install the computer with a new software program, you can.  Our subconscious is similar to a computer program and may also be ‘upgraded’ to run on new ‘software’ that has been installed.

What are the roles of the subconscious mind?
Firstly it is all permanent memory. Everything you have seen, touched, tasted, felt and experienced since the day you where born is locked permanently in the memory banks of the subconscious mind.

Next it is our emotions.  You see the conscious mind does not deal with emotions in anyway.  When we need emotions we deal with this particular situation with our subconscious mind, then when that situation was over and the analytical part takes over again (enter the conscious mind), you heard yourself saying, that was silly.

The next role of the subconscious mind is protection.  You see our sub conscious mind must protect us against danger, real or imagined.  When you see something imagined by the subconscious mind, as far as the mind is concerned, it happened, it cannot tell the difference between real or imagined.

The next role of the subconscious mind is habits.

There are three different types of habits.  We have some good habits we have some bad habits, but most of our habits are automatic. You see habits are not part of the conscious mind, it is a role of the subconscious mind and this is why Hypnotherapy performs so well with any habit change.

A clinically trained hypnotherapy practitioner has the training to work directly with the subconscious mind.  By changing old programming of the subconscious mind that says “I am a smoker”, to a new program that says, “I am a non-smoker” may be accessed for the remainder of a persons life.

Let me share with you information more specific about cravings and giving up smoking.  Nicotine is a chemical that can be shown through urine samples that it is out of your body within 2-3 days of stopping tobacco or other nicotine containing items.  Logically, therefore using the conscious, logical mind, to go cold turkey on cigarettes after 72 hours, you would think that you are out of the woods.  If you have tried giving up smoking this way, then you already know, that even after a week, that old behaviour pattern comes back in.  You know, that giving up smoking really has nothing to do with the amount of nicotine in your body, but rather it has more to do with habit.  That program in your subconscious mind that says “I am a smoker”.

This may explain why Hypnotherapy could be one of the best methods to change that program of your inner computer from “I am a smoker” to the new program “I am a non-smoker”.