For Children With Anxiety, Intuitive Therapy May Help

For Children With Anxiety, Intuitive Therapy May Help

Intuitive Therapy for Children

When families break down, it can have a traumatic effect on children. Often, this trauma is displayed through their behaviour. If you suspect your child’s behavioural issues may be a result of trauma, Intuitive Therapy[i] may be able to help.

 How trauma in children can result from a separation or family breakdown

Children can feel isolated even when both parents are still active in their lives. Their perception of safety and the world they knew shatters. This can lead to them becoming incredibly hyper-active, feeling frustrated and expressing anger or withdrawing completely.

Children can’t articulate their feelings, and when parents separate, they can feel incredibly alone. If Dad or Mum isn’t there, anxiety can take over. They can feel abandoned even if one parent is only in the next room. A sense of darkness may come over them; monsters appear in their dreams, and fears can conjure up from seemingly nothing.

They may wake up in the morning feeling anxious as they haven’t had a restful night’s sleep. This restlessness then has a flow-on effect on their day, steamrolling into every area of their life, affecting their behaviour at school and home.

What appears to many as just a naughty or bratty child is actually a manifestation of anger and sadness from feelings they have not been able to articulate. Children cannot express the fact that they feel abandoned and alone as their parent’s separation just becomes their new normal.

These feelings can become suppressed and make themselves known in seemingly unrelated incidences, a fight with a sibling, being asked to do something at school or home, etc. What’s really happening is they’re expressing their trauma the only way they know how to.

Signs your child may be suffering the effects of past trauma

Children may display a host of symptoms if they have suffered trauma due to family breakdowns or past traumatic experiences.

Your child may be reacting to past trauma if:

  • Their breathing is erratic
  • They are frustrated and expressing anger
  • They break things intentionally or in a fit of rage
  • They experience a sudden or gradual personality change
  • They become withdrawn and don’t want anyone around them or they don’t have any friends
  • They are fearful or anxious about insignificant things such as eating, playing at a friend’s house, or sleeping at night.

It can be incredibly confusing for parents who don’t know what to do when their child is in an anxious state.

How far should you push your child when they show aggressive behaviour or are in an anxious or panicked state?

It is impossible to reason with a child that is in that state of anxiety. Sometimes you just have to let them go through it and ensure they aren’t a danger to themselves or others at that moment – wait for them to calm down and then speak with them.

Sometimes it can be the simplest of things for children, such as eating something and feeling sick, which creates anxiety around eating. Children have triggers just like adults. Working on beliefs that have been formed through traumatic events early will help them build the tools they need to go through their life journey, understanding how to live as their best selves.

Intuitive Therapy is one way to work on such anxiety and beliefs.

How Intuitive Therapy May Help Shift Your Child’s Feelings of Abandonment

Intuitive Therapy uses techniques similar to hypnotherapy to discover the source of their behaviour and shift the beliefs created from traumatic experiences.

Intuitive Therapy is a gentle practice that connects individuals, adults, and children alike with their superconscious. The superconscious holds your soul, and you bring this with you throughout your lives. With children, sometimes the memories of past lives are still there.

Children are typically much more open to receiving Intuitive Therapy. Firstly, the approach is to create a report with the child, asking them to talk about themselves, their friends, what they like to draw, their favourite games.

As an Intuitive Therapy Practitioner, I like to mime the action of zipping up my mouth and dialling up my ears to show the child that I am listening to them. This action builds their trust and helps them to feel safe.

During our session, we go on a magical journey, where they can use the power of their mind and imagination to become dragons or superheroes or whatever they would like to become. I ask them to bring me along for the journey – they are not going alone; we go together.

Intuitive Therapy uses a lot of visuals and colours to help children along their journey. They have choices in their journey, building connections with their own imagination and ultimately themselves.

Allowing children to explore their own minds and communicating what they experience helps bring a sense of peace and calmness. It allows for healing in a gentle and sensitive space.

I feel very honoured to help heal a child as I know I’ve helped the adult.

If you would like to know more about how Intuitive Therapy may help your child overcome trauma from a separation or family breakdown, contact our Intuitive Therapy practitioner Caroline Wilson.

You may book an appointment online or by calling our Gold Coast clinic on 07 5571 0001.

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[i] Intuitive Therapy is suitable for children above the age of 5 due to their ability to communicate.