Conscious Living: Aiding The Journey from Weight Gain to Weight Loss

Conscious Living: Aiding The Journey from Weight Gain to Weight Loss

Gaining weight is easy, but losing weight can be one of the most challenging things to do. In order to lose weight, you first have to feel safe to do so. Without feeling safe, diet and exercise will likely have no long-term effect. You first need to understand the reason behind your weight gain and change what’s really weighing you down before you will lose weight once and for all.

When we suffer grief, loss and heartache, our brain sends signals to our body to put extra padding around our hearts and bodies. It does this to protect ourselves from the suffering we’re going through. So, we turn to food as a mode of self-protection. Conscious living aims to find the causes for sustaining excess weight, so you can start feeling safe and start your weight loss journey.

Our Minds Relationship with our Body

I once had a client whose partner left her for a thin and attractive woman. She eventually found a new loving partner; however, she found herself putting on a lot of weight during her relationship. It was only when her new relationship ended, she realised she had unconsciously gained weight in an attempt to make herself unattractive (in her mind) to protect herself from being hurt again.

In this case, her brain was sending signals to her body to put on weight, ensuring her relationship would end through her own self-sabotage. She gained weight so that – in her mind – no one would notice her, thus, protecting her heart and emotions.

As mentioned, her relationship ended. But not because she had put on the weight – rather, because of her inner voice telling her that she was not good enough. It didn’t matter how ‘thin’ and ‘attractive’ she was; her new partner would leave her for someone more attractive anyway.

Using Weight as a Security Blanket

Our weight and our ‘fat’ covers up our pain. When we are angry and hurt, we want to protect our heart and reach for the ‘fix’ to make ourselves feel good. For so many, this is food, hence the phrase ‘comfort food’.

Even though we think we are protecting ourselves and are in a safe space for that moment, we are actually harming ourselves. We do this by:

  1. holding onto the emotional baggage and
  2. carrying so much unhealthy fat that is putting so much strain on our bodies and organs.

We are effectively punishing ourselves for something outside of our control, holding ourselves hostage because of other people’s actions and beliefs.

The first step is understanding that weight gain is not protecting you; it is causing you to become ill, both emotionally and physically. 

Turning the Tables – Weight Gain to Weight Loss

In my personal weight loss journey, I was trying to protect my heart while still harbouring unforgiveness. It is a tough lesson.

Every situation is like a coin. One side of the coin is that you’ve suffered a traumatic experience, but the other is ‘but what did you need to learn?’

When you start to change your perspective that you want to feel safe without carrying unhealthy weight, you can permit yourself to feel those difficult emotions and shift the negative ‘what if’ to the positive ‘what’ if’.

How Conscious Living Can Help

Allow yourself to feel trauma and grief, the emotions, feelings, thoughts and dark shadows. Once there, through conscious living, we can implant healthy beliefs and ideals and bring them all in through the four minds; conscious, unconscious, subconscious and superconscious.

When the four minds work together, powerful shifts in old beliefs and experienced trauma start to happen.

Once the old beliefs are healed and replaced with new healthy beliefs, the weight loss begins because your body doesn’t feel unsafe any more. It feels safe, and it doesn’t have to hold onto that extra padding.

By shifting those beliefs, you can shift what is really weighing you down and feel lighter not only physically but emotionally and spiritually as well.

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